The Loop: New York City


Nix – Greenwich Village –72 University Pl, New York, NY 10003This is probably the best vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever been to, and if I only had one night to have dinner in NYC, this is probably what I would pick! High praise indeed from a meat-lovin gal, but its because this place treats its veggies so darn well – its kind of like an Al’s Place – but more bad ass New York! In its former life it was an Indian resto, and they’ve kept the tandoor oven, so they turn out the most delicious flatbreads – with delightful dips. They make a potato fry-bread thing that’s topped with this sour-creamy veggi delight – it looks beautiful – and it tastes like heaven! Aside from bread, they have an extensive veggi menu that changes often – now I cannot guarantee it’ll delight you – but I just loved it. (& I’ve been on 2 different occasions) Also the dining room is casual but elegant – all the waiters wear these beautiful ikat dyed Indian smocks – tres chic – the drinks are excellent, good wine list – the whole thing is just fun without being stuffy! 

ABC Cocina38 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003I love this place – its latin/fusion – which always sounds like a bad idea – but this place gets it right – the food is delicious – lots of small plate options & really good drinks – the dining room is lovely, very atmospheric – so it’s a fun all around NYC experience! It’d be perfect for dinner before/after the theater – as its in the Flatiron – so you could walk – around 30mins to the theater district. 

il Bucco47 Bond St, New York, NY 10012Great Italian – East Village – I had a delicious dinner here – and Lambrusco! 

Empellon510 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022Fancy Mexican – Midtown – note I have not been – but have heard rave reviews from reliable sources. 

Nur34 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003Isralei/Middle Eastern (Flatiorn, I think) – this is relatively new – also I have not been yet – but is on my list for next rip – its gotten rave reviews –and apparently they have a pretzel bread thing with a hummus dip that’s beyond! (You’re getting the bread theme here!) 


High Street on Hudson637 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014 – West Village Great breakfast sandwiches – and they have a really great baked goods section at the front of the restaurant where you can get to-go stuff – but all the breads are made in house – so the breakfast sandwich is a winner! (Jeez – again with the bread!!)

Buvette42 Grove St, New York, NY 10014West Village: Frenchie American – great breakfast – no ressies – its small & cute & totally worth it! She opened one in Paris – but this one is much better – I guess its hard to bring Paris to Paris!

LUNCH:Via Carota51 Grove St, New York, NY 10014The sister restaurant to Buvette – also West Village – great lunch spot – more Italian in flavor.

Another Breakfast option: Clinton St. Baking Co.4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002 – Lower East SidePancakes for the pancake queen – they are huge & probably everything a pancake should be – but I think you’ll probably be a better judge than I – other breakkie options also – so you cant go wrong! 


Prune54 E 1st St # 1, New York, NY 10003 – East VillageSmall – no reservations place – but it has really the best brunch in NYC! If you get there early-ish you probably wont have a wait.  


Renew Body & Mind Spa4 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001This is a Syl special! While I’m normally not a fan of these kind of places – this place absolutely rocks – best foot massage!!! You’ll be walking a million miles – even if the weather is crappy, so this place will be a total treat & they’re open till midnight! Its also super cheap (for NY) – like under $50 for an hour – but bring cash!!! 

PN Wood Fired Pizza2 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001This is a great pizza place – right next door to the foot massage place – I mean – win, win! 

Bagels – I have to when I’m in NYC!Of course they’re on every corner – so wherever you’re staying you’ll find a place near you – a few standouts form the ‘hoods I’ve stayed in:Katz  Deli – its a fun lower East Side institution – and of course the “When Harry met Sally” table is the tourist draw!Best Bagel – Midtown Blackseed Bagels – Nolita

Lobster Rolls I also consider this an NYC staple!There are two places I like, “Red Hook Lobster” & “Luke’s Lobster” they both have various locations.Red Hook was my fav – and then I bounced back to Lukes – it kind of depends on the location – but either way – they are usually a $25-35 bundle of joy!!!
Shake Shack The lines are insane – but they move – I’ve been to the one close to the theater district after a show – it’s actually a great option after the theater!  

SHOPPINGI’ve been loving the Lower East side lately, there are lots of fun boutiques to window shop and browse, and of course SoHo for the fancy stores – I cant say I ever really buy anything – but its fun to look!There is a home-goods (sort of – it has pretty much everthing) store in the Flatiorn – called ABC Carpet & Home – its got 3 or 4 levels of home stuff and other items, its really fun to browse and check out all the goodies – worth a pop into – and there’s a Jean Georges restaurant attached, so could be a fun lunch date.  


The Tenement Museum In the Lower East Side is really incredible – full of immigrant history – and kind of a real NYC experience. I took the “Irish Outsiders” tour, it was great, the little gal that led it was really knowledgeable, I highly recommend. (They also have an excellent gift store – lots of really good books)

The Whitney The new building in the Meatpacking is super cool – definitely recommend – not sure what the current exhibition is – but regardless it’ll be worth a visit.(theres also a mini ferry-building type place across the street for lunch, lots of stalls with various options for lunch etc., I can’t remember the name – but you’ll see it just walking around that neighborhood)

The Highline Great for a stroll – you can access it from various different points – but if you do go to the Whitney – there’s an access point from there – so that’s a fun combo.

NYPL The building itself is gorgeous (recall Carrie & the wedding scene from Sex & the City on those stairs) there’s usually a good exhibition on one of the floors, and they have the best gift shop!

The Museum at FIT: Fashion Institute of TechnologyThis is a great little museum in Chelsea, if the current exhibition interests you – I highly recommend – when I was there last they had a denim exhibit that was super cool. It’s a small venue – about 2 rooms – so it’s kind of a nice break from the madding crowd! 

DETOUR:I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken a detour – but they are incredible – it’s a location based app for your phone – and they have THeeeee best walking tours for tons of cities (the Paris ones are incredible!) When I was in NYC in May Syl & I did the SoHo one – it was great – you always finish feeling informed & smarter and more connected to your location – anyways there are a bunch for New York – so download the app and if the weather is decent – I say absolutely take one!

THEATER:On my last trip I was lucky enough to get to see “Present Laughter” with Kevin Kline – it was incredible! If its still playing he may no longer be the lead, but I think you & your Mom would love it regardless, its really sarcastic & funny in that very Noel Coward English way – theres a line in there about potatoes – that I think might be my favorite line from a play ever!!! The Rockettes @ Music City Radio Hall If they’re already doing performances – and you haven’t seen them before – GO GO GO! Those ladies are amazing – and its a really festive NYC thing to do (youll have to take Clare at some point). I got a great deal on Goldstar for tickets a few holiday seasons ago.I’m not sure what’s hot on Broadway right now – but do carve out an evening or afternoon for something – it’s always worth it.

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